Western States Center envisions inclusive democratic movements and societies rooted in justice and equity.

The four pillars of our work

Build Movements

We strengthen the organizing capacity of often-marginalized communities, with an emphasis on gender and racial justice.


Develop Leaders

We provide training, leadership development, and organizational capacity support to social justice movement leaders.


We convene culture-makers to shift the narrative and use culture as a vehicle for social change.

Defend Democracy

We help communities and civil society effectively respond to anti-democratic social movements.

Marking the 30th anniversary of the “No on 9” campaign, in which thousands of Oregonians from all walks of life came together to defeat Ballot Measure 9, one of the harshest antigay measures ever put to American voters, Western States Center is launching the No on 9 Remembered project commemorating the remarkable multi-year mobilization that defeated the measure. 

The project will share 30 stories from 30 years ago - three every month until Election Day in November - each offering a unique prism on how this epic battle for civil and human rights can impart lessons for today’s fight for inclusive democracy.


(Photo credit: Linda Kliewer)

New Resource!

Hate in the Homeland
The New Global Far Right
Cynthia Miller-Idriss

Book clubs, educators’ groups, parenting discussion groups, and academic classes may find the following discussion questions and list of further resources useful, written by Dr. Christina Cliff as part of a longer Reader’s Guide commissioned by the Western States Center for it’s work with educators. Below you’ll find the full copy of the Reader’s Guide, including chapter summaries, comprehension questions, a glossary of terms, hypothetical scenarios for discussion, and additional resources.

Meet Libra Forde

Libra serves as the interim Executive Director of Western States Center (WSC) to fortify a strong, synergistic relationship as WSC searches for their new Executive Directors.

Access our Toolkits & Resources

We provide resources, toolkits, and trainings that equip communities, organizations, individuals and local governments to defend inclusive democracy.


 Personal story:
How we defend democracy

“WSC consistently punches above its weight class, shaping narratives, crafting strategies, and developing leaders rooted in the lived experience of the Pacific Northwest & Mountain States that influence the entire country. That’s why SPLC counts on WSC as a core program partner and I’m proud to serve on the board of directors.”

Lecia Brooks,
Southern Poverty Law Center Chief of Staff


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